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EU-Compliant Pigments as of 01/06/2022

Current EU Compliant Pigments

Eternal Ink is constantly developing and testing colors to meet the regulatory standards being implemented in  the European Union. We expect to add additional colors in the near future.

As of 01/06/2022 our current list of EU compliant pigments primarily consists of blacks, whites, and grays:

  • Neutral Gray 20 (NG20)
  • Neutral Gray 40 (NG40)
  • Neutral Gray 60 (NG60)
  • Neutral Gray 80 (NG80)
  • White (E31)
  • White Knight (E61)
  • Perfect White (MM18)
  • Vintage White (VN17)
  • Jess Yen Silk White (JY05)
  • Gray Wash Light (EGW-L)
  • Gray Wash Medium (EGW-M)
  • Gray Wash Dark (EGW-D)
  • Gray Wash Darker (EGW-R)
  • Gray Wash Darkest (EGW-T)
  • Marshall Bennett 20% (MB20)
  • Marshall Bennett 40% (MB40)
  • Marshall Bennett 60% (MB60)
  • Marshall Bennett 80% (MB80)
We appreciate your patience as we navigate this complex regulatory framework which covers over 4,000+ substances. We will continue to provide updates as new colors are determined to meet the new REACH 2022 standard.