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Our Commitment to the Continuous Improvement of Tattoo Safety

Our Commitment to the Continuous Improvement of Tattoo Safety

As an industry leader, Eternal Ink would like to respond to some of the current concerns  surrounding the safety of tattooing and tattoo ink as it relates to the EU regulations:  

  1. Tattooing has never been safer.  
  • Tattooing has been around for over 1000 years. 
  • Professional Tattooing and ink manufacturing has significantly evolved over  the past few decades.  
  1. There is no health crisis, as there have been no major health concerns. 
  2.  All our inks are safe, sterilized, and certified by an independent laboratory.
  3.  We actively work with authorities, independent laboratories, and industry experts to  meet standards. 
  4. In addition, our inks have been tested to be compliant in the key areas, such as:  
  •  Heavy metals  
  •  Aromatic amines  
  •  Biocides 
  •  Prohibited Dyes 
  •  PAH (Poly-Aromatic-Hydrocarbons)  
  1. Eternal is manufacturing to meet the new REACH / EU regulations.  

Our industry is committed to the continuous improvement of Tattoo safety. Here at Eternal, we  are doing what we have always done: develop and produce the safest, most viable, and  brightest Tattoo pigments on the market.